When traveling to a new city, there’s so much history and excitement to uncover. New Orleans is a city dense with stories, places to go, and remarkable characters. Christine Miller, is the founder of Two Chicks Tours in New Orleans. Christine has a passion for storytelling and sharing the rich history of the places around her.

In this conversation, Christine shares how she started her own tour company, the places and people she explores on her tours, and many resources to utilize on your trip.

Join Mona in this incredibly insightful and creative episode to learn more about Two Chicks, and the sexiest places to visit in New Orleans.

Show Highlights:

  • What brought Christine to where she is in her career now
  • Stories Christine highlights and shares in her tours
  • Curating private tours to create one of a kind experiences
  • The benefits of small group tours and how it enhances accessibility that large tours don’t have
  • St. Louis Cemetery Tour
  • Resources Christine shares on her blog to help people have the best experience
  • How a tour can help deepen your experience visiting New Orleans
  • How Christine got integrated into the New Orleans community
  • Ways Christine utilizes the Law of Attraction to find guides who are equally as passionate as she is
  • What Christine does for Mardi gras
  • Who are the Pussyfooters and what do they do
  • Why Christine goes on tours when she travels
  • The sexiest bars and restaurants in New Orleans
  • Advice for anyone who wants to start their own tour company
  • How Christine prioritizes her personal growth
  • Creating boundaries for work/life balance
  • Christine’s current “I Wonder If”