About Coaching


Do you often WONDER why….

You can’t focus

You can’t meet your ideal partner

You hate your job

Your relationships feel disconnected

Your kids don’t listen

You’re moody

You create goals but rarely achieve them

You just can’t say “NO!”

You don’t want to have sex

You can’t leave an unfulfilling relationship

You can’t sleep

You can’t exercise or eat food that heals you

You give great advice but don’t follow it

You just can’t relax?


Do you sometimes FEEL ….. Angry – Disrespected – Unhappy – Jealous – Crazy or Lazy …..like you’re not even happy when you achieve your goals

…..even hopeless?


Well, I WONDER IF you know, deep down, that it’s possible to live a life full of joy, a life with more peace and less drama. A life where you feel fulfilled with more energy and vitality, and a life where you embrace change, celebrate your successes and radiate happiness.


In case you’re WONDERing,

I WONDER IF COACHING can help you nurture your WONDERlust, see the WONDERment, find your WONDERland, and feel WONDERful, while you create your WONDERwork.



As a Life Coach, I challenge you to WONDER how it would feel if you were living your IDEAL LIFE and enjoying your IDEAL RELATIONSHIPS. Together we analyze what isn’t working in your life, relationships, work, and play. We discover what IDEAL means for you, while shedding some old rules and advice that are not working for you right now. We can create a system to guide you to your intended destination, with your ultimate goal to feel wonderful! We maneuver you through your blocks and challenges, and nudge you when you’re stuck. We schedule rest, relaxation, renewal, and play, to bring some joy and passion to your life.  I will be there every step of the way, and to celebrate your success and reward your achievement. And then, when you’re ready, I will challenge you to wonder “What’s next?”


About me

I am a certified clinical sex therapist and licensed mental health counselor in Florida. As a  multi-continental life coach, speaker and trainer across the US, Canada, and Europe, I have built my private practice over 25 years. It is my pleasure and honor to help my clients to discover and maintain their ideal life and relationships.