We all love a good drink after a long day or simply at dinner with friends, especially the Best London Dry Gin in the World. Today’s guest, Tomislav, is a founding partner of Old Pilots Gin. Old Pilots Gin was awarded the Best London Dry Gin in the World, and has won many other awards. 

In this interview, Mona uncovers the story behind this amazing distillery, the artist behind the bottle, and Old Pilots upcoming projects. Join Mona in this interview for an exciting look into this Croatian born distillery. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Tomislav shares his “I wonder if” moment 
  • How Tomislav started getting his products out to tourists 
  • Ingredients that make Old Pilot Gin unique and “healthier”
  • Awards Old Pilot Gin has won 
  • The story behind the design on the bottle 
  • What makes Old Pilot Gin “Croatia in a Bottle” 
  • Flavors that best complement Old Pilot Gin 
  • Where Tomislav likes to travel and the importance of travel 
  • Biggest challenges starting a business 
  • What makes selling an important part of survival 
  • The bars Tomislav likes to drink his cocktail 
  • Next I wonder if