If we’re paying attention at the right moment, life often brings us opportunities to follow our dreams. Today’s guest, Robert Gaglio, shares how losing his day job and visiting an Italian Villa changed his life. Robert now runs a business out of Italy where he cooks, travels, and explores the intricacies of Italy with guests. Robert discusses what led him to becoming a chef, the experiences he’s had over his career, and what makes his tours special.

Join Mona McGregor to learn more about Robert’s story and how you can make the most out of your travel experiences.

Show Highlights:

  • How Robert got started cooking
  • The story of how Robert started his career as a chef
  • What inspired Robert to start cooking in Italy
  • The difference between the experience and going to a restaurant
  • Why Robert is getting dual citizenship in Italy
  • How Robert came up with and structured the 3 different tours
  • Robert shares local experiences he curated through relationships
  • How the pandemic impacted Robert’s business
  • Ways traveling has changed
  • Robert shares what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in a foreign country
  • Creating an authentic menu that people won’t be intimidated by
  • The difference between pinball traveling and enjoying the experience
  • Roberts next “I Wonder If”
  • Robert shares why he’s going to stay in Florida when he retires
  • How Robert built his platform
  • What makes gelato more flavorful



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