What does International Women’s Day mean to you? And how do you celebrate the day? Today’s episode of the I Wonder If Podcast was recorded on the eve of International Women’s Day, 2020, and we have McCall Dempsey as our guest. McCall is the writer of the popular blog, Loving Imperfection, and she’s the founder of Southern Smash, a program to raise awareness about eating disorders. In today’s episode, she talks about what inspired her to start Southern Smash, and she discusses her need to speak out in a way that is real, relevant, and effective. Stay tuned, for more! 

McCall is an eating disorder survivor and a passionate recovery advocate. She struggled with an eating disorder for 15 years before seeking help. Since then, raising awareness about eating disorders has become her passion and her life’s work. She travels all over the country, sharing her story of hope and healing. She has been featured in several national television, print, and online publications, including The Today Show, Women’s Health Online, and The Huffington Post. Be sure to tune in today, to hear McCall’s inspiring story and her wonderful message of hope.

Show highlights:

  • McCall explains what International Women’s Day means to her.
  • McCall’s  “I wonder if” moment.
  • Southern Smash is now in its eighth season. McCall shares what inspired her to start it.
  • How counseling assisted McCall in saving her own life.
  • Moving beyond the comfort zone.
  • Therapy has become McCall’s self-care.
  • Recovery is a journey of self-discovery. 
  • McCall shares her journey to recovery.
  • The heartbreaking story about McCall’s daughter, Marjorie.
  • Writing is McCall’s therapeutic tool.
  • Gratitude is a practice.
  • Finding balance.
  • McCall has some truly incredible people in her life!
  • McCall’s husband learned how to sit with her in her darkest moments.
  • Scheduling time for some self-care.
  • McCall talks about her imperfections.
  • Staying connected as a family, and as a couple.
  • What’s coming up for Southern Smash.

Links and resources:

McCall’s website – https://mccalldempsey.com/ 

Southern Smash – https://www.southernsmash.org/