Have you ever considered making an off-the-wall dream a reality? Even if all the odds appear to be stacked against you? Our guest for today’s show, Craig Carlson, went ahead and did just that. In 2003, he opened Breakfast in America, the very first American diner in Paris, even though it’s a foreign country with a foreign language, he’s not a cook, and he had never before owned a business of his own. This was followed, in 2006, by Breakfast in America 2. Since then, Craig’s diners have been serving wholesome American breakfasts to the French, to American ex-pats, and hungry visitors from all over the world. Be sure to listen in today, to hear Craig’s unique and inspiring story.

In today’s episode, Craig talks about his New York Times bestselling book, called Pancakes in Paris, in which he shares his amusing experiences as a small business owner in France, trying to stay sane while coping with crazy cultural differences, rigid bureaucracy, and complex labor laws.

Craig has a background in journalism and he studied cinema at the University of Southern California, where he directed an award-winning short film and won the prestigious John Huston Directing Award. Craig’s next book, Let Them Eat Pancakes, is due to be released in the summer of 2020. Tune in today, to find out more!

Show highlights:

  • Craig shares the “I wonder if…” moment that led him into opening two American diners in Paris.
  • Craig shares his back-story.
  • The French had to learn that they could have breakfast at any time of the day at Breakfast in America.
  • Craig talks about how he found the strength to reach for something greater, after the tough time he had while growing up.
  • Looking back, Craig really appreciates all the help he got from “angels” throughout his difficult early years.
  • Craig talks about his grandmother, who was a great storyteller and had a very positive influence on his life.
  • Craig only discovered the diner breakfast culture after moving to California. 
  • Craig discusses what he loves about Breakfast in America diners.
  • It was very stressful for Craig to have to raise the money to start his business.
  • Finding the right premises for his business was no easy task. 
  • The kind of support that Craig has had from various people throughout his journey.
  • Getting arrested!
  • It’s all about the feeling.
  • Some say breakfast is the sexiest meal… 
  • Doing business in France is different from doing business in America.
  • Life has come full-circle for Craig.
  • Craig talks about his new book, Let Them Eat Pancakes, which is coming out in June 2020.

Links and resources:

Facebook and Instagram: @pancakesinparis

Pancakes in Paris

Let Them Eat Pancakes (Craig’s next book)

Breakfast in America website: www.breakfast-in-america.com