Are you in love with romance? And do you enjoy reading romantic stories? We’re in the City of Love today, and we’re excited to be interviewing writer, Lily Heise, aka La Tigresse. Lily knows that with perseverance and believing in your dreams, you can make anything happen. She’s been fascinated with France ever since she was a little girl, and she’s always believed she’s meant to be there. Now, she has been living in Paris for almost nineteen years, and in today’s episode, she talks to us about fulfilling dreams, romance in Paris, and the books she’s written. Stay tuned, to hear Lily’s story!

Lily is a romance and travel expert, and a freelance writer who grew up in rural Ontario, Canada. She’s written two books, Je T’Aime, Me Neither, and Je T’aime…Maybe?, and her travel articles have been featured in many different publications, including The Huffington Post, Condé, Business Insider, and Be sure to join us today, to hear what Lily has to say about life, love, and living in Paris.

 Show highlights:

  • Lily shares her ‘I wonder if…?’ moment.
  • Lily has always believed that she’s meant to be in France.
  • Some things just don’t work out in the way that we intended.
  • Lily talks about her first book, Je T’Aime, Me Neither, which is based on true stories.
  • The French can be quick to say “Je t’aime” and just as quick to say “Je ne t’aime plus”.
  • Friendship feeds our soul. Lily talks about her “Paris family”.
  • Life in Paris can be a little more than just an innocent adventure…
  • Why Lily wanted to write her first book.
  • Lily is not afraid to show her vulnerability.
  • Talking about long-distance relationships.
  • Some awesome ideas for a romantic get-away.
  • Dating in Paris is not for the faint-hearted!
  • How things have improved in the online dating space.
  • Some tips for successful online dating.
  • All the most romantic places in Paris.
  • The fabulously romantic Laperouse restaurant has an interesting history with a naughty edge.
  • There’s a special magic to Paris by night!

Links and resources:

Lily’s website 

Maison De Plaisirs Laperouse