Nowadays, there are multi-pronged treatment methods for every illness, however, a holistic approach is a logical way to go if we desire a sustainable healthy lifestyle. When it comes to weight loss, it considers the many factors that can contribute to a person carrying around extra weight. These alternative healthcare concepts approach health with a deeper spirituality that achieves a more complete and happy existence.

So today dear listeners, we are in for a treat because we are joined by a renowned board-certified weight loss and wellness doctor in Tampa Bay, Dr. César Lara. He has already helped transform thousands of patients through his award-winning weight loss programs that combine the best of western medicine with a holistic and shamanistic focus on the individual.

This episode should be of interest to you as Dr. Lara first shares his “I Wonder If…” moments and walks us through his discoveries which led him to help his patients by looking beyond western medicine, nutrition, and exercise. You will definitely be inspired by this conversation! For all of you out there who have dreams stirring inside of you right now, let’s go ahead and listen to how Dr. Lara realized his.

01:24 Dr. Lara’s 1st I wonder if 🡨

03:06 The various modalities he unearthed …

04:08 His introduction to shamanism <

04:57 Marrying the old and new practices

08:05 Changing the standards in the medical world

08:54 The biggest challenge? 🡪 MINDSET

10:22 The story of the caboose …

12:16 Don’t have access to your own self-love? Look inward! Make your story be the key.

13:37 The fight or flight response

15:05 A safe space to release and let go

15:46 Here’s another strategy <<

16:40 How social media affects it all <

18:18 Each expectation differs in various levels and ages

19:14 Yes, we only see what we wanna see!

19:53 Allow the process … scary, but very hepful!

20:32 On karma and energies …

21:16 Shaman tools, processes, and rituals Dr. Lara use <<

22:53 What we give attention to is what grows

23:54 Remember, everything that we’re experiencing on the outside is a reflection of what we’re experiencing inside of us.

24:35 The invisible world vs. The visible world

25:12 Just like a dysfunctional relationship …

26:28 Appreciating who we truly are to be able to recreate ourselves

27:09 The Philosophy of Oneness

28:57 Approaching andropause and menopause transitions

29:45 What are bioidentical hormones?

30:49 On the level of sexual functions …

31:39 Learn about your bodies, explore!

32:40 The Tantra Philosophy

33:41 Education plays a big part in sexuality

36:53 Giving people permission … Decrease the shame

37:33 Hey, the ability to have an orgasm is in itself healthy!

39:08 Begin to love yourself and explore

40:42 Dr. Lara’s wellness rituals <<

42:11 The Wim Hof method of breathing

43:45 Yoga 2x a week will keep you flexible

45:22 Have a visit at The Fire and Stone Shamanic Healing Center soon!

46:32 An introduction to various shamanic philosophies

47:15 If you are called to come, visit the healing center very soon!

48:36 Dr. Lara’s next I wonder if for The Fire and Stone Shamanic Healing Center

49:52 Experience various modalities including Reiki, Qigong, and Tai Chi

52:00 The Inca philosophy

Reach out to Dr. César Lara and find out more about his consultations here:

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● Facebook 🡪


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