In this day and age, keeping our balance in maintaining a healthy body weight almost seems like every women’s struggle which also affects varying aspects of our life including how we see ourselves and our worth. Has it ever crossed your mind if there are ways other than fad diets to help you sustain your body weight balance? So how about EFT tapping? Have you heard about its wonders?


Oh yes, today is the day we’re going to know more about this method combined with mindful eating to calm our food cravings and let us reach our ultimate health goal. We are going to have an enlightening chat with a mindful eating coach, Marcella Friel. She is also the founder of the Woman, Food, and Forgiveness Academy where she teaches women to love the woman they see in the mirror.


For all you women out there who have given up your hopes in pacifying the emotional aspects of food cravings, let Marcella take your hand and walk you into her “I Wonder If…” story of discovering the power of the EFT tapping technique to help women heal traumas that have caused them to soothe themselves with food. So let’s go ahead and listen to this episode now!



01:18           Marcella’s I wonder if moment during 2013 …


02:31          The day she discovered the power of EFT tapping


03:20          A certified practitioner in 2014 and started helping lots of women with various eating disorders


06:04          Teaching women how to love their bodies? How?


06:45          Here’s how tapping works ß


08:57          What is emotional eating?


10:20          Honoring our feelings first helps in the process


11:48           How do people’s core beliefs wreak havoc on their physical, mental, and emotional health?


12:27           These are the questions you need to ask yourself first <<


13:11            The positive and negative core beliefs


14:39           What is trauma?


15:30          It’s all about our core beliefs <


17:28           When relapse happens <<


18:52          The four pillars of self-care à H A L T


20:22          Identify where you are vulnerable


21:10           Mona’s shame story <<


25:08          Shame has already mastered everything!


26:17           Marcella’s recommendations to Mona, listen <


27:05          The Women, Food, and Forgiveness Academy


29:03          So who are you going to be loyal to?


30:58          For those going through perimenopause or menopause <<


31:33           It’s the 2nd puberty!


33:22          Agelessness – the dancing maiden in our hearts


35:37          Let the maiden loose!


36:05          Watch out for Marcella’s next I wonder if <



Reach out to Marcella Friel and find out more about her service consultations here:







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