One of the effective ways to cope with all the stress and anxiety around us is through hypnosis and this is backed by proven cases around the world. Do you know that the body is designed to heal itself? This is where hypnosis comes in to aid that natural process. It is the epitome of mind-body medicine and is proven to be a powerful tool to promote the healing of various health conditions.

The good thing here dear listeners is that we can also use this to enhance our sexual experiences and confidence with our partners! You have to tune in to this episode and get to know an incredible hypnotist who has improved many lives through hypnosis and private consultation, the dazzling Richard Barker.

I hope you enjoy this episode as Richard’s “I Wonder If…” moments bring you so much information about the power of hypnotherapy and how any thoughts that translate into emotion and into physicality can affect the outcome of various healing sessions. You will definitely be entertained by this conversation! Learn how to let your mind and body achieve their ultimate functional capacity. Let’s go right in!

01:42 The start of Richard’s “I wonder if” was quite weird but interesting

03:05 The cold case unit where all the regression work had begun

04:23 Cognitive interview skills = hypnosis

05:17 From law enforcement to stage work and clinical practice of hypnotherapy

06:33 How can hypnosis and hypnotherapy work well in the field of sexuality and sexual health?

07:46 One bad performance to another is just bad and men don’t want that!

08:43 Helping people get back into their bodies through visualization

10:00 Common sexual problems that Richard helps with 

10:57 The weirdness at first of doing consultations on Zoom

11:43 Yes, these can all be simulated!

13:07 An orgasm through hypnosis?? Whoa!

14:40 Download Richard’s mp3s on liberating yourself to have an amazing orgasm, stat!

16:43 Removing blockages through hypnosis

17:48 How the sessions work <<

18:58 Stage hypnotists have a really unique skillset that is extremely powerful when it comes to hypnosis

21:22 The power of imagination <

22:23 The ultimate goal in stage hypnosis is …

24:17 The lives that were touched over the years are just amazing stories!

26:11 A profound and unique experience

26:51 The Law of Attraction – Manifesting – Creating Intentions

27:59 The story behind The Late Late Show With James Corden

29:21 The shift that happened through Richard’s belief system

30:17 How to Get from Passion to Success, the Hypnotic Journey

31:32 Your passion should tie up to creating abundance in life

32:38 Dating the incredible hypnotist and stage entertainer

34:37 The advantage of having the skills of NLP in life overall << 35:17 Disarming people through mentalism 36:43 Watch out for Richard in Macklin, Saskatchewan! 38:02 Hitting some very exotic locations each year! 38:51 Richard’s direction to his next “I wonder if” … 40:00 Sadly, you’re never a star in your own town 41:26 Training for Therapists coming very soon! Reach out to Richard and find out more about his consultations and private shows here: Website  Can’t get enough of really, interesting I Wonder If stories from around the globe? Subscribe to I WONDER IF podcast and ride shotgun with me as we hit the road, set sail, and fly away to meet some of the most interesting people that dare to wonder… Can’t seem to find the previous episode? Click here to listen >>> The Best Trips and Tips For Solo Female Travel: Maximum Adventure and Minimum Impact with Girl About the Globe, Lisa Eldridge – Ep30