Relationships are magic. They are a part of who we are. We learn from them and we are shaped by our relationships. That is why we are going to learn much in this episode with our very special guest, Dražen Grubišić, the co-founder of the Museum of Broken Relationships based in Zagreb, Croatia.
Join me as we explore the stories of broken relationships inside the museum and discover how a painful experience became a brilliant idea to connect beautiful love stories from around the world.

This episode will give us “I wonder If…” moments so sit back, tune in, imagine and take a look inside the Museum of Broken Relationships at its varied themes and beautiful memories.

00:52 Dražen’s I Wonder If moment …

03:00 It all started with the cute, little bunny borne of love

03:40 A storage of memories packed in one object, what to do?!

04:57 A simple, basic idea which later become an exhibition theme!

07:37 An art that evoked a universal emotion

08:54 A lot of I Wonder If moments during the travels for exhibitions

10:06 Mona expounds on the museum being a discovered tool for healing

11:39 A balanced blend of love stories that will make us cry and laugh

13:11 Realizations and a hope for healing springs inside the museum

15:32 Dražen shares how they decide what to put in for a theme out of thousands of stories shared with them

18:05 Setting up an emotional rollercoaster with each room of snapshot stories is an amazing, long process

19:43 Listen to how being a part of this museum changed Dražen’s views on relationships

21:05 Remember: Everyone has a story to tell! What’s yours?

22:39 Ever wonder if Dražen’s ex-girlfriend still share this project with him? Listen here!

23:46 The museum will make us all realize that we don’t get to keep everybody for life, but they still come in to teach us a thing or two

24:33 Memories lasts, even stored inside a box to remind us in our old days

25:21 Hear this incredible Second World War love story from an old lady, as part of Dražen’s previous exhibition

28:13 What’s to love in the city of Zagreb?

28:57 Take note of the beautiful islands to explore in Croatia as shared by Dražen himself

30:55 How about restaurants? Where to go?

32:59 Being an artist, where are Dražen’s artworks now?

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