We all know Paris as the city of love, sensuality, and lights. Today’s interview takes place in none other than Paris itself. Babette de la Butte is a singer, actress and Burlesque performer from Western Canada. She’s been in Paris for over 12 years, and had pushed the boundaries as a Burlesque dancer. She shares what her experience as a performer have been like, her favorite parts of Paris, how to take what you learn to the bedroom, and so much more. This episode explores the elements of freedom and play in both Paris and Burlesque.

Babette de la Butte is a vivacious performer who hosts, sings, and indulges in burlesque in equal measures. A trained actress and singer originally from Canada, Babette is a bombastic entertainer who regularly performs her signature Sing & Strip numbers around her adopted home of Paris, France. In addition to the Le Bisou Francais Festival in Paris, she has also performed at the Slipper Room in New York as well as at the Show-Me Burlesque Festival in St Louis.

As a member of Burlesque Moulin, Paris’s bilingual burlesque troupe, Babette was a regular feature and co-producer of their monthly Burlesque Brunch show, Croissants & Corsets. Honing her skills as a singing performer, Babette has also proved herself to be a saucy and energetic emcee, engaging audiences in English and French with humour and wit.

Be Bold with Babette, a confidence class with a touch of burlesque, is held regularly in Paris and gives women the chance to make strong choices in a fun, supportive atmosphere. Perfect for groups, this workshop gives women the opportunity to reconnect with their bodies and discover what they love about themselves. Shimmy away the shame with Babette in Paris! For more info, swivel those hips over to https://www.babettedelabutte.com

Show Highlights:

  • What brought Babette to Paris
  • Babette shares what performers and styles most resonate with her
  • How you can embrace yourself and bring that to the stage
  • How to play the moment of anticipation
  • The empowerment of making your own choices
  • Babette shares her upcoming “I wonder if’s”
  • Creating a safe space for people to push their boundaries
  • Getting rid of the shoulds
  • Exploring and embracing your femininity
  • Advice for men to make their partners feel more sensual
  • The hottest spots in Paris for a date night
  • Being open and curious