Are you a keen traveler? If so, have you ever worked as a WOOFer? Today, we are excited to be talking to Carsten Schafer! Carsten travels the world with a mission to eat and explore! He is a chef, a WOOFer, a worldwide traveler, an artist, and the founder of the website eatnxplore.

Carsten comes from Germany, and he is an enthusiastic traveler with a limited budget. WOOF stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It is a platform that operates in various countries, giving willing workers the chance to help out on organic farms in return for their accommodation. WOOFing allows travelers to gain experience in organic farming and learn from the locals of each area. Carsten loves the idea of giving and taking without any money getting exchanged. Be sure to stay tuned today to hear his deliciously inspiring story!

Show highlights:

  • Carsten has been at Rock ‘n Roots Organic Farm several times. He explains what makes that place so special.
  • Carsten discusses his unique process for preparing remarkably tender and tasty meat.
  • Carsten shares his “I wonder if…” moment.
  • Carsten talks about the point in 2016 when everything in his life broke down.
  • Getting some sage advice from his mentor helped him prepare himself for his travels.
  • Carsten discusses his education in an apprenticeship program in the culinary field in Germany.
  • How he developed a love for cooking as a kid through helping his mother in the kitchen.
  • The people who influenced and encouraged Carsten.
  • Carsten has had some very interesting and extreme adventures. He talks to us about his crazy trip to see the Northern Lights.
  • Carsten talks about his Jeep, which he designed for cooking.
  • A story that stands out for him.
  • Carsten shares his experience working as a chef for some bands on the road.
  • The rituals and routines that have helped him stay on his unique path.
  • The three key ingredients that every kitchen should have.
  • Carsten shares his current “I wonder if…”.

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