Are you familiar with the history of Champagne? Would you like to find out about the wines of the area? We’re in gorgeous Epernay today, in the Champagne region of France, and we’re honored to be interviewing Peter Liem, the esteemed wine expert behind, and the only English-speaking wine writer in the Champagne region. Peter is the author of Champagne, a ground-breaking guide to the modern wines of the region that uniquely explores the legendary wine. In today’s episode, Peter shares his journey, he explains how to find and appreciate the meaning in wine, and he talks about the vintage vineyard maps that are included with his book in a luxurious package. Stay tuned for more!

Peter Liem is an American wine writer and the author of Following nearly a decade in the wine trade, he became a senior editor, critic, and tasting director for Wine & Spirits. His writings on sherry, champagne, and other wines have also appeared in publications such as The World of Fine Wine, The Art of Eating, and The San Francisco Chronicle. Join us today, to hear his story, and get to see the world of Champagne through his expert lens.

Show highlights:

  • The moment that led Peter to where he is today.
  • Although he travels a lot, Champagne remains Peter’s primary home.
  • Peter’s book, Champagne, is like the Encyclopedia Britannica of Champagne.
  • The story behind the super-rare vintage maps.
  • The common denominator of Champagne terroir is not the vineyard. It’s the village.
  • Wine is a reflection of the winemaker.
  • Nature doesn’t make wine, humans do.
  • The proper way to assess wine.
  • Wine without context is almost meaningless.
  • How people’s view of Champagne has changed in the last twenty years.
  • By law, in Champagne, all the grapes have to be hand-picked.
  • The right temperature for wines.
  • Champagne pairs perfectly with all kinds of food.

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