Nature connects us to ourselves and others in a way nothing else can. However, we often take the beautiful landscapes and places around us for granted. 

Today’s guest, Clyde Butcher is a renowned black and white landscape photographer who has used his abilities to bring environmental issues to the forefront of public consciousness. 

In this episode, he shares what inspired him to become a nature photographer, the many experiences and unique people he’s encountered, as well as the political aspects of combatting environmental issues. 

Tune into this episode to hear more about Clyde’s amazing story and the beauty that’s in your own backyard. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Clyde shares what inspired him to become a nature photographer 
  • Why Clyde started doing color photography in the 70’s 
  • Clyde shares unique experiences he’s had as a photographer 
  • How Clyde uses his tours to support the educational system at Cypress 
  • Why everyone should make choices to be more environmentally friendly 
  • Organizations that are making positive environmental change and how other organizations could improve 
  • Clyde explains what compelled him to do black and white photography
  • Clyde discusses other artists he derives inspiration from
  • Clyde shares how tragic loss has shifted his life and art
  • Clyde shares many anecdotes and special guests from his swamp tours 
  • What Clyde’s favorite plants to photograph are and why 
  • How Clyde travels to different locations and finds places to shoot
  • What makes Clyde’s marriage of 57 years so successful
  • Clyde shares his favorite photos in his home 
  • What you should do to optimize and love living in Florida
  • Where the perfect view to wake up to every morning would be 
  • Current issues that are occurring with the environmental climate 
  • Where Clyde wants to travel to 
  • Best places to paddleboard in Florida
  • Clyde’s current “I wonder if…”