International Women’s Day and Self Care as a Ritual

Feb 23, 2021

International Women’s Day | South

International Women’s Day is fast approaching and it’s our reminder to practice self-care and self-love. In fact, it’s our time to celebrate being a woman (you’ll hear me say this a lot because it’s so true).

So, we should take this time to introduce or re-introduce rituals that honor ourselves from head to toe. Have a look at these five self-care rituals you could incorporate into your 2021 International Women’s day on March 8th:

1. Take a Guided Meditation Session to Celebrate Your Mind and Body

This is the time to relax into your mind by listening to a guiding voice that celebrates in everything you are as a powerful woman.

You care for those around you and everyone you love, so now it’s time to remember how to care for yourself in a sustainable way that will allow you to thrive!

With guided meditation, your purpose is to explore bringing the attention back to yourself, back to your breath and back to everything that makes you a strong woman by letting go of that which no longer serves you.

2. Nurture Yourself by Practicing Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga practice is the ability to speak each of the 8 limbs of yoga in a way that resonates with your true self. In essence, this International Woman’s Day should be the time to dedicate your practice to bringing breath, focus and appreciation back to yourself with Niyama yoga.

Providing care to yourself through mind and body attention is exercising a strong and healthy ritual enabling you to live each day with confidence and peace.

Yet, whether you need Asana, Pranayama, Dharana, Yama, Niyama, Samadhi, Dhyana or Pratyahara yoga practices, allow the time to nurture yourself and rediscover your spark.

3. Go on a Date with Yourself to Rediscover What is Ideal for You

When it comes to a truly renewed commitment to yourself, it’s time to gift yourself all the good things you’re missing out on. From the big treats in a restaurant to the small and mighty relaxation you’ll get from a hot bath filled to the brim with sweet smelling bath oils.

Personal favorites include spa facials, massages and the changing experiences of hypnotherapy.

If you’re going to go on a date with yourself to rediscover your ideal life before or after this International Women’s Day 2021, here are some ideas for you to gift your mind and body some much needed luxury:

· Take a trip to a beach to breathe in the fresh sea air
· Use a foot spa at home
· Take a long and warm bath surrounded by healing salts and peaceful candles
· Flick through the captivating pages of a book bringing you closer to passion, adventure, or whatever your heart is craving.
· Buy yourself an outfit that makes you feel as beautiful as you are
· Enjoy the perfect dinner and fill your home with delectable aromas
· Read affirmations aloud that tell you how beautiful and deserving you are
· Watch an inspiring movie that helps you experience joy
· Invest in some skin-loving treatment such as a massage or facial
· Try a relaxing hypnotherapy course to support personal growth and wellness

4. Get Outside to Use International Women’s Day to Breathe-in New Air and Positive Intentions

Being able to practice self-love again is going to involve allowing yourself a breath of fresh air. With this, venturing out for a walk will always do wonders for the wellbeing of your mind and body.

Just by walking, you can be improving your self-esteem, mood, overall perception and sleep cycle while reducing the negative feelings of stress and anxiety. Staying active lets you explore new horizons and allows your mind and body the chance to roam.

Whether you decide to stay close to home or venture out for some Spring sun this March 8th, get together with some of your girlfriends and like-minded women wanting to spread their wings. Because, together, we can introduce and encourage each other to practice kind self-care rituals.

5. Treat Yourself to a Delicious Meal Surrounded by Like-Minded Individuals

Food, as we all know, is the key to happiness and healing. Especially when you fill yourself with healthy foods that bring you into the present moment for appreciation of you, where you are and what you’re eating.

Dining with like-minded women surrounded by bright and colorful foods opens a world of opportunity within rituals of self-care. You’ll be laughing, participating and sharing your thoughts and ideas. You’ll be boosting your happiness as the day-to-day stresses fade and you begin to foster a strong sense of belonging.

When you try each of these rituals for International Women’s Day, repeat these words to yourself: “I am beautiful. I am worthy of the very best that life has to offer. I am in the right place at the right time”.

I Wonder If… you know that International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to retreat and indulge in self-care? Yet, if, like many, it’s been a struggle to get through the last year and you know now is the time to really turn your attention to yourself, consider signing up for the Yoga & Mimosas Retreat.

Yoga & Mimosas will be held at The Honu Restaurant in Dunedin on Sunday 7th March from 9:15am-12pm. It will be a fun, relaxing and playful “I Wonder If…” retreat with me – Mona – to celebrate YOU this International Women’s Day.

After guided meditation under the swaying palms, I’ll be teaching a gentle flow yoga class focusing on self-love to open our hearts before enjoying lunch and a mimosa in The Honu Restaurant. There will be a drawing for special gifts such as a massage, a facial, a hypnotherapy session, a breath and flame candle and some silver jewelry.

So, let inner peace and self-care rituals take over this International Women’s Day.

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