Are you an artist, or an art lover? If so, what inspires you? We’re on Matlacha Island today, at the gallery of the renowned impressionist-expressionist artist, Leoma Lovegrove. Leoma is known all over the world for her bold and brightly colored paintings. In today’s show, she talks about traveling to France, how cancer has affected her life, and about her passion for painting. Be sure to join us today, to find out more about Leoma, her paintings, and the miracles she’s experienced in her life.

Leoma is a graduate of the prestigious Ringling School of Art, in Florida, and her works are displayed in numerous galleries across the United States. She was honored at an artist’s reception at the White House that was held by the First Lady, Laura Bush, and some of her works of art are in President George W. Bush’s Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas. Some of her artworks are in the private collection of the White House, in Washington, DC, and she has done a portrait of Jimmy Carter, which hangs in his Presidential Library in Atlanta, Georgia. Her art has also appeared in the windows of the Rockefeller Center in New York. Leoma was commissioned to paint a portrait of Richard Branson, for the headquarters of Virgin Airlines, in London. And she was the first American ever to enjoy the high honor and privilege of painting on the Seine River, in a boat that is a replica of Claude Monet’s floating studio. Be sure to listen in today, to hear Leoma’s unique, inspiring, and uplifting story.

Show highlights:

  • Leoma discusses how everything came about for her.
  • Leoma talks about her painting groups in Monet’s gardens in Giverny.
  • Comparing Giverny with Matlacha.
  • Leoma is planning to do a legacy piece.
  • Leoma explains why she loves France so much.
  • The awful impact of cancer on her life.
  • The effect of going public with her story.
  • Painting coconuts pink to raise awareness about cancer.
  • Rosaries and prayers have helped Leoma to heal.
  • Experiencing healing miracles on four occasions.
  • Painting as a self-care practice.
  • Printing her art on clothing has made her art more mainstream.
  • Why Leoma loves living in Matlacha.
  • Fishing from inside her house.
  • The definition of an artist.
  • Leoma is on a mission to make Matlacha a historical town.
  • For the love of hurricanes, thunder, and iguanas.

Links and resources:

Leoma’s website

Leoma on Shopify – Leoma Lovegrove.Store