Sorry, world, here we come! Today, we’re in New Orleans! It’s Valentine’s Day, it’s Mardi Gras, and we’re interviewing the Traveler Broads! Jessica Fender and Kerry Maloney are the New Orleans-based, globe-trotting twosome who teamed up several years ago as the Traveler Broads, to “scam” their way into travel opportunities and fulfill their mission in life to explore new places. The New Orleans Mardi Gras is unlike any other American holiday. In today’s episode, Fender and Maloney talk to us about what they are doing, and some of the exciting things that happen, both at the Mardi Gras and in New Orleans. Stay tuned to find out more!

This episode was recorded in February 2020, before the lockdown. In March, when the lockdown started, the Traveler Broads, needed to find something to keep them amused. So they decided to create the Quarantine History YouTube series to explore some of the lesser-known characters from New Orleans’ rich past. Fender and Maloney’s acting is absurdly funny, and their shows incorporate visual jokes, homemade sound-effects, and improvised costumes from their vast, personal collections. Be sure to tune in today, to hear about the antics of this crazy writer/photographer duo, at the New Orleans Mardi Gras.

Show highlights:

  • The Traveler Broads share their thoughts about Valentine’s Day.
  • What a romantic event, planned by each of the Traveler Broads, would look like.
  • It’s hard to get dinner reservations at a good restaurant during Mardi Gras, particularly on Valentine’s Day.
  • You should see at least one of the wonderful walking parades at the Mardi Gras!
  • What you will experience in the Traveler Broads’ Mardi Gras headdress class.
  • Some tips and tricks for creating awesome costumes.
  • Fender and Maloney share their “I wonder if…” moments.
  • The Traveler Broads discuss their interactive field-guide to Mardi Gras.
  • How the Mardi Gras differs from any other American holiday.
  • Ordering the best king cake ever in New Orleans!
  • What it’s like, being part of the unique New Orleans community, and living in the fabulous French Quarter.
  • Learning to say “cheers” in five different languages.
  • Maloney’s most annoying travel habit.
  • What you need to pack if you’re a chic traveler.
  • Some advice for people who want to follow the Traveler Broads’ footsteps.
  • Some of the best restaurants and bars in New Orleans.
  • There’s a secret Mardi Gras museum upstairs, at Arnaud’s Restaurant.
  • The top five things to do in New Orleans.

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Commander’s Palace

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